Fireworks With Added Excitement

Living in a rural area has its many advantages. It is quiet except for the sounds of nature and the occasional vehicle passing. Until fireworks season. When fireworks are being sold, it is sometimes hard to tell if it is thunder from a convection shower or fireworks being shot off.

While sitting at home watching TV, my husband and I heard something. As he got up to look he said questioningly, “thunder?”. When he got to the window he saw that it was fireworks.

We had forgotten that the local fireworks show was happening that night at the county fairgrounds. I immediately jumped up and said that I wanted to go watch them. We only have to walk out of our yard and down the street a short bit to be able to see them pretty well.

So off we go, I was a little in front trying to hurry and not miss them and not waiting for my husband to get his shoes on. When I heard something and then saw something coming towards me in the mostly darkness. My heart stopped and then I saw it was just a cat. Whew, good thing, it was just a couple of feet away by the time I saw it. My heart was pumping! I laughed as I began to walk closer to my husband for protection.

On to the fireworks! As we stood there in the dim light from a distant street light by a fence that surrounds an overgrown field, watching the fireworks show, all of a sudden my husband grabs my hand and said calmly but intentionally in a low voice, “skunk”. As we start to move away we noticed another and then another. Three skunks scurrying right towards us. They were within 6 feet of us and heading right towards us. The only way to see them in the darkness is the white stripe on their backs, which kept coming in and out of view as they ran. We calmly but quickly moved away from the fence and watched them go straight under the fence and into the field. Man, we were close to getting a lot more than a fireworks show. Thank goodness my husband was paying attention and thank goodness they wanted to get away from us as much as we wanted them to.

Now that got our hearts pumping!

We stayed and watched the show laughing about how lucky we were that he saw them and that we were able to move out of their way, but each continued to take our turn looking around to make sure there was nothing else heading towards us without us knowing. Aside from some neighbor kids playing around the rest was quite uneventful, but this fireworks show will definitely not be soon forgotten.

Happy 4th of July!!

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