Empty Nest or Where’s My Nest?

Recently our lives have been quite the roller coaster. We have 3 children, one is in her early 30s, married with 2 children and living 25 hours away, one is in his late 20s, married with 2 children and living 4 hours away and one in his early 20s finishing up college, engaged and living 2 hours away.

I have worked at basically the same area for over 14 years either at one facility or multiple but still having a base at the same place for the entire time.

We have lived in the same house basically for 12 years, trying to move away a couple of times (that is another story all its own) but always returning for one reason or another.

So you see, life has been crazy but somewhat stable for a long time, but now all of our children have moved away and started lives of their own. So, we were trying to figure out what now?

We began having kids when we were kids. We got married when we were kids and never knew life without kids. Now here we are, all these many years later with no kids and the house is very empty.

So what to do…oh I know…let’s move to a farm, start homesteading and change jobs. #everythingisnew! Sounds like a plan!

And that is just what we did. We packed our things (we had accumulated way more stuff than I remembered) and changed jobs and started our new journey.

The feeling of not knowing where you belong is one I have felt on many occasions.

I am an empty nester without a nest. You see, we didn’t have a place to live at my family farm and the new job was too far to drive so we have taken a left turn to the in between.

My in-laws have just vacated their home of 22 years to live at their dream location in the woods and their house is on the market but has not sold.

The house is an hour from my new job, which is much closer than our old house. We have gotten moved in and are very comfortable but still look forward to the day we are settled comfortably on the farm.

We have decided to try to Airbnb our previous house so we have been working diligently to get it ready. LORD please help us!!

Work is good! The drive is long but not bad. We are looking forward to getting to the farm and hope the house we are in now doesn’t sell before we are ready to move.

This is an exciting and anxious time in our lives! I’m so glad that I have my husband with me. He is my rock!

On to the next nest…empty or full, at least we are on this journey together.

26 thoughts on “Empty Nest or Where’s My Nest?

  1. I think you and I must be soul sisters as this is exactly what I want to do on a small scale. All of my children live in other parts of the U.S. and are grown (way grown). I will be 78 in November and we want to find a piece of land (an acre or thereabouts) with a small home so I can have a vegetable garden, herb garden, fruit trees (I have them planted at the senior mobile home where we live now, but they are still young and I can dig them up and transplant them once we get to our home. And I want at least two chickens, a rooster, a beehive (I have had some really gentle bees), and maybe a goat to help manage weed abatement and just to add to the family, and maybe a mini pig; I know a lady who will guarantee that her pigs are real mini pigs and they stay that way all their lives. Anyway, it is so nice to read your post, and I look forward to my subscription to your posts. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Anne Copeland

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  2. I can well imagine the excitement and the concerns πŸ˜‡
    I love the story : kids marrying, having kids, living with kids 😍😍
    Life is one big adventure and I wish you all the best.
    We moved all our lives πŸ˜‡
    Now the whole wide world is my home πŸ’•

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  3. Wishing you the best on your new journey. We know what it is to move – new adventures – new challenges – new experiences. Believe it or not, at age almost 79 with my wife about to turn 81, she wants to do just that (move to a another home) almost every other day. And it might just come to pass one of these days. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Hello, thanks for following my blog. We certainly understand the transition from a house full of kids to empty nest. HaHa – no more back to school shopping. I am so thankful that all of our kids are still in the area even though we don’t see them as often as I would like. It’s great that you and your husband have common goals. I wish you well in your journey and my best advice is make sure to enjoy the ride. πŸ™‚

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  5. I’m excited for you and your new lives as empty nesters with or without a nest. It’s funny you mention trying to move away from your house previously. I know that story, too. In the end we gave up on moving and just started fixing up what we had. We all adapt as we go, don’t we?

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