Don’t Mess With MY Chickens!!!

Okay, I am a pretty mild mannered, yet matter of fact kind of person. I want things done the right way and people to own up to what they do, good or bad. I can get along with most everyone and I am willing to work with anyone. But, mess with my Man!, my Kids!, my Grandkids! or turns our, my chickens?…I change…I will do what it takes to protect them! Now, I am not saying that I am Annie Oakley or anything of the sorts, but let me tell you, I will not let them be harmed without a fight at least in my mind! We heard a noise outside tonight and my husband reminded me that the recent heavy wind had blown off a piece of the chicken coop roof. I was gone as swift as Usane Bolt! (well, sort of) I was going to save those birds! My husband went to get the gun, but not me, I was off to save(?) the chickens? I really am not sure what I was planning to do other than be a witness to a massacre, but buddy, let me tell you I was running down the hill with nothing but my trusty miniature schnauzer and my cell phone flashlight!

Relax, the birds are fine. I was actually a wild rabbit, caught in (of all places) the unused rabbit tractor. We removed the feeder from the hole in the tractor and I assume it got in that way and got frightened and tried to get out through a hole that was too small. The poor thing got hung up and couldn’t get loose.

I may not have SAVED anything, but I think my husband got a laugh out of my eagerness! I’m sure he will laugh at this for a long itme to come.

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